As a longstanding, security company a large slice of our business consists of designing and maintaining care home master key systems. From our Lock centre located just outside London, we are able to serve the whole of the United Kingdom.

We specialise in the supply of master key suite solutions for single or multiple establishments.

When choosing a master key suite we would strongly recommend a high level of key control making the registered key system the best option. This will prevent unauthorised persons from obtaining additional keys.

Systems fall into three key security levels

1. Open key section – Keys can be readily obtained through most key cutting outlets.
2. Restricted key section – Keys for which a manufacturer has set up restricted levels of sales and distribution. It is not illegal for other outlets to produce this type of key.
3. Registered Key Section – Keys that carry design protection are normally either patented or trademarked. This prohibits unauthorised cutting of keys.

Systems for care homes normally comprise of client rooms under one master key.  Under the master could be administration areas, cleaners cupboards, storerooms, laundry rooms and any communal areas.

There are many advantages to installing a master key suite

Here are just a few:

Reduction in keys

  • A bunch of keys can be reduced to one.
  • No more need for large key cabinets.
  • Reduce keys costs by eradicating the need to duplicate keys for every lock.

Control access to authorised persons

  • Cleaners keys, allowing access to certain areas.
  • Maintenance/electrical/riser cupboard keys.
  • Padlocks on gated areas.

Key Control

  • When using our key registered systems, clients can only obtain additional keys through you eradicating the risk of your staff getting additional keys cut without permission.*
  • On request and using our computerised key cutting equipment, we can normally dispatch additional keys within 24 hours.


  • In addition to conventional door locks, systems can include padlocks, cabinet locks, electrical switches and some garage door locks.
  • We also supply computer-based card systems, coded systems and smartphone access systems.

* Many Care Home wardens request a retaining fee from their residents to ensure that all keys are returned if the property is vacated. This provides peace of mind for you and your new residents.

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